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Stu B Que, Tulsa Premier Caterer!  We specialize in catering for various occasions.  Contact us if you have an upcoming wedding reception, holiday party, corporate event or office lunch.  The Stu B Que Food Truck is also a great way to cater a large event or community function.  We’ve had the pleasure of catering events all over the Tulsa metro area for over 10 years!


Contact us today for your catering needs in the Tulsa Metro area!

When you pick Stu B Que as your local Tulsa caterer, you made a great choice, if you appreciate good service, delicious food, and on-time delivery, Stu B Que Catering is for you! If you thought that hiring a Tulsa caterer may be out of your price range, contact us for our pricing on various catering sizes. We have the know-how and aptitude it takes to make your event stress-free, and we try our best to keep it reasonably priced for you.

Planning, creating guest lists, and a hundred other responsibilities will keep you occupied when organizing any event. Our very knowledgeable staff will work diligently with you on the catering menu and then make your delicious meals, transport them to your event site, arrange the buffet, and deliver focused service to quick cleanup, decreasing some of your stress. Allow us to assist you with the following events:

Corporate lunches

Family reunions and picnics

Tailgate parties

Wedding rehearsal dinners and receptions

Church and club luncheons

Weekend corporate getaways

Holiday events

Call us at 918-724-7886 to see where we’re headed next.


Reg. meal

7.25 Per Person

Big meal



Group 2 meats with 3 sides Also group 1 meat available

Reg. Meal

10.50 Per Person

Big Meal

11.50 Per Person

Group 1 meats: Pulled pork, Chicken Breast, Bone-In Chicken, Sausage, Bologna, Hot links, Ham, Pork loin, Pork tenderloin ands turkey

Group 2 meats: Beef Brisket, Loin Back Ribs (babies), and Spare Ribs

Reg. meal

7.25 Per Person

Big meal


Regular Sides

Stu B Que Beans

Green Beans

Cheezy taters

Potato Salad


Mash potatoes and gravy

Corn on the cob

Mixed Vegetables

Other Sides

Fried Okra  plus .25

Wild Rice plus .25

Baked Potato plus .75

Twisted Baked plus .75

Caesar Salad plus .50

Side Salad plus .50

others also available