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Tulsa Wedding BBQ Catering

If you’re looking for a reliable and delicious BBQ Catering option for your wedding venue, look no further than Stu-B-Que. Proudly serving the Tulsa community, our team of highly valued employees will ensure that your Tulsa Wedding Catering needs are met on your big day.


With only the best food and service, you and your wedding guest will be in good hands. We realize the stress of planning an event of this magnitude, and we wish to help by being the most reliable Food Truck Catering the Tulsa area has to offer. So if you’re interested in crossing off another item off of your wedding prep list, contact Stu-B-Que today. We are ready to help fulfill your order, and see that your big day is as special as it deserves to be.

BBQ Catering For Your Tulsa Wedding

Here at Stu-B-Que, we proudly serve the Tulsa metro area only the finest bbq. Our team of intelligent and savvy workers is here to assist you and provide only the best service and Food Truck Catering you could ever want. With ingredients that are locally sourced, rest assured that you’re only being served the highest quality of meats and vegetables.


Our goal at Stu-B-Que is to make sure we accommodate your guests on your big day. Our varying menus make it easy to meet your culinary needs. Stu-B-Que proudly serves many bbq options, such as pulled pork, hot links, brisket, beef, brisket, hot dogs, and hamburgers. For anyone who is vegetarian, we have non-meat options available as well. With a multitude of sides and desserts to choose from, we are sure that your big day is well covered by one of the most trustworthy Tulsa wedding catering companies.


What makes Stu-B-Que stand apart is that we value your wedding day and wish for it to be as least stressful as possible. We value customer service above all and this has led to Stu-B-Que being one of the highest-rated Tulsa wedding catering companies. Our experienced staff is here to serve you, no matter the weather.


We are ready to brave the conditions in order to better serve and accommodate your guests. Call us today and we will make sure that your needs are easily met and that you can rely on us while you take in the moments of your special day. We at Stu-B-Que are highly experienced in the foodservice industry and we’re only getting better as time goes on. For this reason, you can trust us for your Tulsa Wedding Catering. Let us do what we do best and serve the tastiest BBQ Catering that Tulsa has to offer.

Contact Stu-B-Que For Your Tulsa Wedding BBQ Needs!

With BBQ being a tricky and dangerous food to handle, trust you Food Truck Catering to us at Stu-B-Que and we will help put your mind at ease. If you’re interested in some delicious BBQ Catering at your wedding venue, call us today and we at Stu-B-Que will provide the best Tulsa Wedding Catering service you could ask for!